-]NBK[- CupZ

      -]NBK[- CupZ

      -]NATURAL BORN KILLERS[- Invites You to join us in celebrating 10 years as a UT99 SNIPER TEAM!
      In January 2018 -]NATURAL BORN KILLERS[- will host The -]NBK[- CupZ.

      The Cup will be played in honour of Sergio – [DOC] ZAGOR – a true gentleman of the game who is sadly missed!
      The final format of the cup will be decided when enough teams register their interest.
      We are hoping to reach 16 teams to help recreate some of the classic cups of the past!
      -]NBK[- CupZ will be a Classic Camping Tournament with well organized and refereed matches that will start with a Qualification Round to decide the groups.

      More info to follow but we hope and would love to see your team taking place in the Cup Z.

      Greetz, Team -]NBK[-
      [size=200]The -]NBK[-CupZ 2018[/size]

      [size=150]2 WAY COMPETITION[/size]

      We plan to make it a 2 way competition. That means there will actually be 2 Cups in 1.
      For this to happen we need a right number of teams signed up, if that doesn't happen then the Cup will be played in a standard format,
      which means Group Stage and a Classic Knock-Out Stage.

      Cup starts with Qualification Round to sort the Group Stage.

      Once the Group Stage is completed:

      - Two of the top ranked Teams will progress into the Golden Competition and play for the Golden Final.

      - Lower placed Teams will progress into the Silver Competition and by that they are still in the Finals, although Silver Competition.

      [size=150]If less than 14 Teams sign up, The Classic Knockout Stage will be played instead.[/size]

      [size=150]How to Register?[/size]

      You can register with your Clan or with a Team.
      Put your Tag/Clan or Team Name, Team Captain and 5 favorite maps.


      -]NBK[- Natural Born Killers

      -]NBK[-*Player1* - Team Captain


      Maps will be reviewed by Cup admins and therefore installed on all Cup servers!

      Every player is allowed to play for 2 different teams, we have this rule to make sure that teams who are short
      on players can always select a team of minimum 4 players.

      If a player is to play for 2 different teams, he Must use the same name, or if using alias, needs to register that as well.



      Team Sweden
      [SWE]BubbRubb aka [EST]Hank

      [size=200]Sign Up[/size] [size=200]HERE![/size]

      [size=150]Game Rules[/size]
      We all have played this game for far too long and i believe we all know what camping is, there will be no freestyle, no hardcore hiding camp allowed.
      Matches will be refereed by 1 or more reffs.

      - No "norunmod" (movement allowed, but only if moving for spot, no limit on movement but moving for frags will be penalized)
      - No assault
      - No hunting
      - No spawnkilling
      - No revenge killing (allowed if needed to defend yourself or if from long distance)
      - No hiding (not allowed to stay in a place where you cant be seen)
      - No teleport camping
      - No lift camping
      - No base camping (not more than 2 players in a closed room or defending the same spot) - Doesn't apply to a Cup2011 Final Match Situation - Well played [TA] :thumbup1:
      - No image dropping
      - No hiding in a texture (allowed to hide behind texture)
      - INACTIVITY not allowed

      - First Rulebreak --- only a warning (unless its a revenge kill, which results in -3)
      - Second and every other Rulebreak --- 3 frags Penalty

      We will host both EU and USA servers.

      - CupZ Server 1 -
      - CupZ Server 2 -
      - CupZ Server 3 -
      - CupZ Server 4 - unknown yet

      Server Settings:
      - Frag Limit - 75
      - Time Limit - 15 Minutes
      - Gamespeed - 110
      - Spawnprotetion - 7 Sec
      - HeadShotBonus - 1 frag + 20 health
      - Health + Armor
      - LongShotBonus

      That means, Healt & Armor on the server and NoBelt

      No Deemer, Invisibility, ShielBelt

      American Team vs EURO-Team - 2 maps are played on American server and 2 on EURO server.
      EURO-Team vs EURO-Team - all maps are played on EURO server.
      American Team vs American Team - all maps are played on American server.

      Every Match starts with a Fixed Map.
      After every map loser picks next.

      Only for Gold Competition & Silver Competition

      TieBreak will be played after a score of 2:2 to get the winner.
      The team with the most frags in the match will choose Server (American/EU) and Map.

      [size=150]Try it out -]NBK[- CupZ Server 1 -[/size]

      [size=150]Qualification Round[/size]

      Rankings will be made from the Qualification Match, scores will be counted and efficiencies added to it!

      Team -]NBK[- map scores;
      Map 1: 24
      Map 2: 9
      Map 3: 16
      Efficiency (divided by 10);
      Map 1: 82.85 = 8.2
      Map 2: 56.25 = 5.6
      Map 3: 69.69 = 6.9

      Overall score + overall efficiency = 49 + 20.7 (21) = 70 (when counting Eff.: if it is under 0.5 we will count 0, if it is above or 0.5 we will count 1)

      How are the groups made:
      1st place - Group A
      2nd place - Group B
      3rd place - Group C
      4th place - Group D
      5th place - Group A
      6th place - Group B
      ...and so on up to 16th place!